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How and why IoT Sensors Improve Collaboration and Wellness in Meetings

Windows collaboration display from Sharp is a next-generation interactive display designed to not only offer smarter collaboration but also better meeting environments.

At the recent Smart Buildings Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Christopher Parker, Senior Product Manager Europe, Sharp Visual Solutions, demonstrated the reasons why the Windows collaboration display from Sharp can deliver a richer meeting environment.

Meetings are an essential part of business, as increasingly is the idea of collaboration. The average employee will spend up to 17 hours a month in meetings, costing the business some £3,000 a year per employee. So, how do we make meetings more effective not only for the business, but also those attending?

This is the premise of the presentation, from looking at the variety of meeting room spaces, to making the most of the Windows collaboration display from Sharp.

Along with Sharp’s own award-winning touch technology, the Windows collaboration display from Sharp also has an array of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to better monitor and manage collaboration spaces, including meeting occupancy, air quality levels, ambient light, temperature, and even humidity. By monitoring these conditions, IT administrators and building managers are able to consider how to make those conditions optimal.

Find out in which other ways the Windows collaboration display from Sharp can help your business be more effective by watching the full presentation:

The Windows collaboration display from Sharp is now on sale across Europe. If you would like to know more about this brand new collaborative device, and arrange a demonstration, please Get In Touch.


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