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The Future Of Work

The needs of people should define the shape and purpose of tomorrow's technology.

Understanding the needs of tomorrow's workforce

At Sharp, we think people are the true power of any business and that the more empowered they are, the more successful your business can be. And with people at the heart of our purpose for developing future technology, it is therefore all-important to fully understand their working lives, both today and tomorrow.

Using our own research and current commentary, we are pleased to now share the findings with you as we push the workplace forward together. 

The Power of the People

Shaping the future

Gen Z’s and Millennials are the next generation of workers who will shape the world of work for years to come. Their career aspirations, attitudes towards work, and knowledge of new technologies will define the culture of the future workplace. 

At Sharp we previously conducted a series of workshops and focus groups with young professionals new to the world of work, to find out first hand their vision for the ‘workplace of the future’.

To build on these insights, we surveyed more than 6,000 office workers young and old in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across Europe, to understand how the global pandemic has impacted their needs and priorities for the future.

A snapshot of the findings is included in a new report which also offers expert advice from future of work psychologist Viola K. Kraus on what to consider when choosing workplace solutions to support new ways of working.

How can we help?

Our range of downloadable assets provide a snapshot of our findings, help illustrate the viewpoints of the next generation of workers as well as offer tips and advice from industry experts.

Future of Work Report2

Latest findings

A large majority of Europe has been forced to work remotely for much of the last year and with major organisations now offering for many of their staff to work from home permanently, this has been a catalyst for the adoption of technology that brings colleagues together.  Download our latest findings below to learn more.

Future of Work Infographic


Where and how do Europeans want to work Post-Pandemic? At a time when restrictions are starting to loosen in some countries, download our infographic below to see how the attitudes of returning to the office differ for workers across Europe, and what factors would deter them from returning or help entice them back.

Future of Work Report1

Initial findings

People are the true power of any business. And the more empowered your people are, the more successful your business can be. In 2019, we asked a group of young professionals how they expect new technologies will change how they live and work, and what fears and opportunities these changes would create.  Download our initial findings below to read their responses.

Download our findings

The Future of Work Report: Latest Findings


The Future of Work: Infographic


The Future of Work Report: Initial Findings


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