dynaEdge AR glasses create a better learning environment

Digital solutions from Dynabook have made it easier to both teach and learn. Together with their technical partner Pekava, Eduko uses dynaEdge AR glasses to create a better learning environment for both students and teachers.

The smart glasses provide the missing link in Eduko’s e-learning environment. The dynaEdge AR glasses are lightweight, durable and suitable for various environments at the school, such as the car shop and the restaurant kitchen.

Freeing up both hands, the dynaEdge AR smart glasses create an opportunity for teachers to record demonstrations during lessons. The content that is created can then be used for online lessons and demonstrations for the students to see as many times as they need, to make sure that they understand the assignments before they do it by themselves. For students who want flexibility in the time and place of their studies, it becomes a very functional solution.

In essence the glasses become a pedagogical tool that supports the individual student. It is also a practical tool for students who are studying facility management and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services.

The smart glasses are connected to a standard mobile Edge PC running Windows Pro, and with the built in Windows operating system are able to record a video and immediately edit that video on a bigger screen.

dynaEdge – ready for the future
From a pedagogical point of view, dynaEdge AR has added a lot of value and Eduko sees many applications in the future that are possible. Working life representatives could potentially use the glasses in cooperation with Eduko, which brings the realities of work-life closer to the school and the students through e-learning.

About Eduko
Eduko is a vocational training institute in Kouvola in southern Finland. Eduko employs more than 300 experts on education, counselling, administration and other services. Almost 7000 students enrol annually in various training activities.

Text from: Dynabook Case Study: dynaEdge - Eduko