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Welcome to Sharp’s Real World Security hub. From real, everyday cybersecurity insights to better ways to stay protected, we’re providing useful information to make sure your business is safe.

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Nearly all businesses are digitally connected today. We exchange emails, operate over shared Wi-Fi networks – we even join meetings, classes, or appointments virtually. With that in mind, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) today are susceptible to a growing threat: cyberattacks. Increasingly common, attacks can seriously hinder the running of a business. And no matter the type of your SME – whether you construct buildings or work on your laptop from them – there are real risks that can have serious implications.

Using insights from SMEs across Europe, we have created a series of content to help you understand security risks, break down the complexity around them, and find ways to stay protected.

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SME Cybersecurity: Exploring the confidence gap

Feeling risk-ready isnʼt the same as being protected. Our research uncovered a tension around SMEs feeling well-prepared for cyber threats but lacking confidence in their defence. In this article, we discuss how to ensure your business is truly prepared and protected.

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Real World Risks: SME Security Rundown

With every new app or device, the security landscape can become more complex. Cyberattacks are on the rise, and SMEs are feeling the impact – but the real risks might be staring you right in the face. Explore the real-world security risks for SMEs.

1/3 of SMEs have been impacted by a computer virus attack

Key findings from SMEs across Europe


havenʼt implemented multi-factor authentication


donʼt have strong password policies


havenʼt increased security training since moving to a hybrid working model


admitted to being the victims of phishing, malware, and data loss


are more worried about an IT security breach than 12 months ago


have no IT security measures in place to cover printers

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Cyber threat concerns amongst European SMEs on the rise as over a third admit to breaches in last 12 months

Against a challenging economic backdrop, concerns about cyber threats amongst European small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) has risen significantly in the last year as they consider the impact on brand, reputation, and revenue.