Office workers clapping in meeting room with a presentation on screen and a printer at the side
Office workers clapping in meeting room with a presentation on screen and a printer at the side

Synappx™ Services

Connect technology, drive collaboration.

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Synappx™ Services

Synappx™ is an innovative platform of applications and services that works with your current office technology to bring smart home convenience into the workplace. 

Remove frustrating technology hassles from meetings. Share or print information right where it’s needed. Get smarter about your meeting spaces, all to drive better collaboration.

Simplifying collaboration and the technology to support it have emerged as central goals for today’s organisations and their diverse and increasingly distributed workforce. 

There is an expectation of technology that’s easy to use, mobile-friendly and secure. The Synappx family of services helps organisations deliver on those expectations while connecting systems and employees around the workplace.

Synappx™ Collaboration Hub

Synappx Collaboration Hub is a smart subscription service that gives you better meeting outcomes by providing a consistent user experience with the most popular web-based video-conferencing and collaboration platforms.

With a simple to use interface, you can run any Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) or hybrid meeting with ease, control AV equipment and effortlessly access and share important documents. Users feel comfortable with the Synappx controls and don’t need to worry about using unfamiliar meeting space equipment.

In addition, its powerful design makes running any BYOM or in-room meeting with installed equipment an enjoyable and empowering experience and one in which the focus always remains on the content and collaboration objectives. 

Synappx Collaboration Hub makes every meeting effective and enjoyably productive, regardless of occasion, location or application.

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Award for innovation

Synappx™ Services have been reviewed and tested by range of independent professional bodies and we are proud to have been awarded an Outstanding Achievement in Innovation for the Sharp Synappx Family by BLI. 

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Synappx™ Support

For further help and advice regarding any of our Synappx products including User and Admin Guides, System Requirement Guides and FAQs, please visit our support area.

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